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Long before Steve Jobs or Bill Gates were even twinkles in their fathers’ eyes, the word computer was a job title for someone who computes or performs mathematical calculations.  Depending which online resource you trust most, its use dates back to the 1600’s.  Not until much later, sometime in the 1800’s, did it come to refer to a device rather than a human.  From what I can gather, the word calculator underwent a similar evolution.

I’ve taken you on this little jaunt back in time in part because I’m under the influence of a book that I’m currently reading, Etymologicon, but mostly to make the point that another title – “data scientist” – is likely to follow the same trajectory.



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I’ve taken a long hiatus from posting on here while I immersed myself in the burgeoning world of data and analytics, and today, I’m finally back.  Around the time I left off, I was just starting to explore two new areas of interest: quantitative models as a way to prototypes business model designs and the parallels between programmatic advertising and my former life in algorithmic equities trading.  Both interests quickly converged for me in a new role for me at a marketing analytics company, and soaking up all the knowledge I could has been my focus ever since.

A life not lived isn’t worth examining so I’ve just been living.  Equally true, though, the unexamined life isn’t worth living.  Before this blog, I was in business school, learning as much as I could.  When I entered a period of reflection, this blog became a mechanism by which I continued to evolve my thinking.  I’m entering a new period of reflection with lots of excitement about what’s beginning to percolate.  Stay tuned . . .

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