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It’s one thing to say your data-and-analytics architecture should be decision oriented and aligned to your most important and frequently occurring business use cases; it’s much harder to put that advice into practice. This post aims to help in that regard by providing a list of questions to facilitate discovery in conducting a needs assessment.



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Talk to researchers, and they’ll tell you many of the techniques behind this latest AI and machine learning renaissance actually date back as far as the 80’s..  What’s changed is cheap access to storage and processing power in the form of “the cloud,” and by extension, the cloud has made it far easier for companies to incorporate sophisticated data-and-analytics capabilities into their applications and workflows. (more…)

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When new technologies catalyze a shift in socio-economic paradigms, economic historian commonly refer to it as a revolution – the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the agrarian revolution before that.  In the wake, a new age is born. (more…)

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